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To Renew or Not Renew, That Is the Question

To Renew or Not Renew, That Is the Question You’re prepared, at least mentally, to begin your migration to Windows 10 because you’ve read What Does Windows End of Life Mean to My Business?  and Getting Ahead of Windows End of Life. Is your hardware ready, though? How you handle your IT (on your own,…

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Getting Ahead of Windows End of Life

Getting Ahead of Windows End of Life With Windows 7 end of life quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what needs to be done to prepare. Technically, regular Windows 7 support has been dead since 2015, however, the extended support period is over January 2020, which means no more updates or security patches.…

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What Does Windows End of Life Mean to my Business?

You’ve all heard the panic. Windows is cutting off support for its widely popular version 7 software. January 14, 2020 will officially mark Windows 7 End of Life. Many companies have used Windows 7 since it launched in 2009 and are still actively using it today. So, what’s the big deal? Can you just stick…

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Who’s Stealing All the Bandwidth?

Who’s Stealing All the Bandwidth? Not so long ago, it would have been ridiculous to ask an employer to give you free TV, free movies, free music, and a free TV camera and crew at your house in case you wanted to work from home and conduct a meeting with coworkers. Yet, with the internet,…

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Medical Practice IT Is About Protecting Your Reputation At All Costs (Published in Louisiana Family Doctor Magazine, Winter 2018)

The Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians has published our article in the Winter edition of  “Louisiana Family Doctor“. Between writing the article and when it was published, there has been a HUGE uptick in spoofed Fake Invoice scams. There is something you can do to protect yourself from the lost trust your customers will experience…

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The Importance of Internet Security

Internet security is still a relatively new field.  Only a couple of decades ago, it was not even a concern. Today, it is one of the most important forms of security in existence.  It is also one of the most difficult ones when it comes to adapting to the ever-changing world that involves the Internet.…

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Office Computer? Gaming Computer? What’s the Difference?

Photo representing the difference between an office and a gaming computer

Gaming computers, business computers, graphic design computers, and entertainment systems are all filling out their niche in the tech market. To figure out which systems you need, or to figure out which marketing terms are feeding you a load of rubbish, here are a few retail and custom computer details.   It’s All About the…

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install TeamPass on Ubuntu 14.6LTS

Installing TeamPass on a fresh Ubuntu 14.6LTS server.   Find the latest version of TeamPass here I’m using 2.1.26(14) which was the most recent version as of this writing.   Install Ubuntu 14.6, when asked what packages to install add LAMP (and SSH server if you want) Then update Ubuntu and install some requirements:…

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