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Are You Doing Enough To Protect Your Data?

Friends, Below, we’re sharing a few of our resources tailored to you, your business, and your clients during this global health crisis. We hope you find the below tips helpful. The Bourn Technology team is here to support you in any way possible. We can augment your current IT team or we can prepare a…
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What Could Happen Without a Plan

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is one of those things that all businesses need to have in case of disaster. Whether it’s a government ordered shutdown, a natural disaster such as a tornado, a hardware failure, or even an attack from a hacker. Anyone of these could permanently disable your business if you aren’t prepared…
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Phishing 101

Phishing is the most widely used method for spreading ransomware.
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Mischievous Malware

Unfortunately, malware is not a foreign term, in fact it’s pretty well known to anyone that uses a computer. There are several types of malware, as well as mediums in which you may receive it. So, before you click on that link for the free cruise you won, think about all of the personal data…
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Social Engineering = Fancy Job Title for Hackers

Social engineers can gain information through emails, pop-ups and public Wi-Fi networks
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