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Signs You Aren’t Budgeting Enough for IT

Many businesses looking to bounce back from the pandemic are struggling with tight budgets. Still, technology can improve remote work, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.
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What is a business continuity plan?

What is a business continuity plan? You may hear a lot about business continuity plans and may even hear them incorrectly referred to as disaster recovery plans. What is a business continuity plan?A business continuity plan is a total blueprint for how a business or organization ensures that its output–products or services–will continue to be…
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ZTNA Is Possible for Small Businesses

Developed in 2010, zero trust security sees trust as a vulnerability. Trust undermines vigilance, according to ZTNA’s creator.
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Everyone Plays a Role in Cybersecurity

Phishing remains a primary way to attack. A scammer sends an email that looks legitimate, and an unsuspecting victim clicks on a malicious link. They might download malware or end up on a webpage that looks credible but is set up to gather their personal data.
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The threats out there: Have you considered their impact?

The threats out there: Have you considered their impact? Oct 28, 2012–Hurricane Sandy hit New York, America’s largest city. The consequences were disastrous and resulted in a shutdown of a city of 8.6 million people. Places that weren’t supposed to ever close, such as major hospitals, had to be evacuated. It was from the intense…
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