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Changing License Key in Office 2013

I had a client purchase 5 copies of Microsoft Office 2013 from a local big box store. The license comes on a card that has to be entered into a account to retrieve the CD Key. On however, there is no way to tell them apart. Because of this confusion the same key…
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Cassidy Park Wifi

While brainstorming with the staff of the Museums of Cassidy Park on how to attract and connect with younger visitors we came to the conclusion that tablets and smart phones were the interface to today’s youth. Media presented via a smartphone that related to the displays at the museums allowed for opportunities to engage with…
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Extracting Fault Cuts directly from the database, Kingdom SQL

I have come into a situation where a Geologist names his fault cuts as the throw of the fault cut. This was done as a workaround to enable posting both depth and throw on vertical sections. But the unintended consequence is that there may be multiple fault cuts in a single well with the same…
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Finding scattered seismic files in a Kingdom Project

Every now and then, a Geophysicist will run Automatic Gain Control or some other function on a seismic volume in a Kingdom Project. This results in a new seismic file being created. During the process the geophysicists is asked where he would like to save the file, and the program defaults to the last accessed…
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Using Kingdom licenses over the internet

It is possible to allow users to access a networked kingdom license server over the internet thereby enabling users working from home or while away from the office. The license server listens for requests on UDP port 5093, so you can use NAT on your router to redirect those requests to your license server. Once…
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