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install TeamPass on Ubuntu 14.6LTS

Installing TeamPass on a fresh Ubuntu 14.6LTS server.   Find the latest version of TeamPass here I’m using 2.1.26(14) which was the most recent version as of this writing.   Install Ubuntu 14.6, when asked what packages to install add LAMP (and SSH server if you want) Then update Ubuntu and install some requirements:…
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Managed IT Services and you. How outsourced IT can benefit your company.

Your business may currently rely on in-house IT teams to manage technology systems and equipment. However, there are a variety of benefits from using managed IT services for your company. Research completed by CompTIA shows that over two-thirds of business owners are now utilizing managed IT support in the last year. Consider some of the…
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Graphic illustrating how to add apple touch icons

Adding Apple Touch Icons to your website.

When you bookmark a website on your iPad/iPhone an icon is created for the site and placed in your bookmarks. In most cases, the icon is just a single letter on a colored square. But if you want some eye candy for your site, you can create an icon and instruct the IOS device to…
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Use the command line to set power options in Windows 7 and up

A computer, fresh out of the box, has a default setting to put itself to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity. I prefer to keep computers alive so I can run maintenance scripts after hours without disturbing users. A handy command line tool is powercfg which can be used to set the power options. The…
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Opt-out of the Cox "bad domain" advertising

If you use Cox for your internet service at your home or office, you may have noticed that Cox redirects all non-existent domains to This can get especially annoying because you have to retype the entire domain name into the browser bar again, instead of looking it over and correcting the spelling mistake. To prevent…
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